Sophisticated Clients, Sophisticated Treatment

The Lukens Institute® strives to offer refined treatment for clients in a tranquil setting.

Our accelerated program is designed for motivated, high-functioning, individuals with demanding careers and busy schedules who want private, individualized care, as well as a degree of personal freedom. The Lukens Institute’s® rehab center can meet the needs of these discerning individuals with a demanding and challenging program enhanced by the tranquility of our Palm Beach estate.

At The Lukens Institute®, clients can gain the critical insight and understanding that can lead to profound growth and work to eliminate the emotional distress that fuels chronic relapsing.

The Lukens Institute® focuses on real professional therapy with our licensed and professional psychologists in an exclusive environment that both supports long term addiction recovery and ensures comfort. Through our results-driven therapy, the clients at The Lukens Institute undergo trans-formative emotional experiences rarely encountered in other programs.

The Lukens Institute operates treatment facilities in Florida and is associated with affiliated treatment centers. We may refer a client to one of these entities if the treatment needs and payment abilities match the treatment offerings at these facilities. The client is free to decide to seek treatment at another facility. We may recommend another treatment center not affiliated to The Lukens Institute to a client based on his/her individual needs and payment ability.

  • Efficient one-month program for busy professionals.
  • Program tailored to all stages of recovery.
  • Rehab for individuals with a deep desire for change.
  • Detox assistance available.
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