Coping with Retirement

Retirement Challenges Explained

Retirement can be a double-edged sword. Despite the freedom and diminished stress that retirement promises, the reality of retirement can fall far short. Those with past or present alcohol or drug dependencies need extra support when it comes to coping with retirement.

Faced with significant upheavals in routine and purpose, many find it difficult to negotiate the emotional and psychological territory of this challenging transition. The psychological shift involved in the transition to retirement from the business world to the more emotional world of family and relationships can leave some feeling out of place, edgy, and irritable. Additionally, the isolation brought on by lessened social interaction with work colleagues can set the stage for depression and anxiety.

Managing unstructured downtime is a common issue for many clients coping with retirement. The lack of distraction that work provided may cause distant yet unresolved conflicts to resurface, including problems with spouses, partners, family, and friends. For some, the most difficult aspect of retirement is losing a sense of purpose and identity. It’s not surprising then that some of our clients associate their retirement with increased alcohol and/or other substance use.

At The Lukens Institute®, our clinicians are experienced with these dynamics, and address them with a balance of education and in-depth therapy that enables clients to explore the issues linking their substance use patterns to their unique retirement challenges.


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