Struggling with Alcohol

Uncovering the Core of Addiction

In American culture, alcohol is endorsed as a means to have fun, reduce stress, and boost the ego. Because alcohol use is so acceptable, it’s one of the most prevalent over-used substances in our society. If you are struggling with alcohol, it’s important to understand the motivations behind your addiction in order to finally break free.

There are numerous reasons why someone might become addicted to alcohol. For many, alcohol use starts as a social lubricant, helping to ease feelings of shyness, anxiety, and social discomfort. For others, alcohol is a progressive phenomenon, starting off as a form of stress relief or sleep aid that eventually becomes habitual. Because alcohol is the most widely used anti-anxiety agent in the world, many have moved beyond casual use.

Some people are able to use alcohol without forming an addiction. This leaves those who struggle with alcohol to ask: “Why me?”

One reason people become addicted to alcohol is because they are trying to quiet or numb painful thoughts or feelings. For them, alcohol use becomes a form of self-medication. The reason they struggle with alcohol for so long is because they don’t understand the core issues behind their addiction. Identifying and understanding these unresolved issues is critical to effective treatment and recovery. At The Lukens Institute®, clients uncover the genesis of their struggle with alcohol. The goal is to help clients understand and overcome the deep-seated emotional pain at the core of their addiction, in order to move toward a full recovery.


The Partial Hospitalization Program at The Lukens Institute is a day treatment program. All housing is located separate and apart from our treatment facilities.

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