Struggling with Drug Use

Prescription Drug Addiction

Analysis of background, and history of drug abuse reveals that people who struggle with drug addiction may have a powerful desire to mask experiences that are too painful, or too traumatic to deal with.

For others struggling with drug addiction, evidence points to chronic life patterns that don’t have a single point of origin. Instead, the hurt, and pain they may be trying to mask is often connected to what wasn’t there, as in situations of chronic neglect, parental indifference, or absence.

The desire to escape memories, and emotional pain is may be manifested in rebellion, or subversive means to “get even” at parents, or other authority figures that are felt to be controlling, abusive, indifferent, rigid, or demanding. This initial desire of escape can lead to years of drug abuse that many may find difficult to overcome.

Similarly, people facing prescription drug addiction may also struggle to rise above it. This is because many psychiatric issues are treated with highly addictive medications. Despite following doctor’s orders, some people form strong dependencies. For many, low-grade chronic anxiety and/or depression underlie the need for medication. But, when patients stop taking prescription drugs, the feelings of anxiety and depression can be overwhelming – leading to panic, and the need for more prescription drugs.

Ironically, those struggling with prescription drug addiction may have the same challenges as those whose addictions developed through other means.  Treatment and recovery still require the exploration of core issues in order to eliminate motivations to dependence and safeguard against relapse vulnerability.

At The Lukens Institute®, our clients can explore the situations that were present at the beginning of their drug use, as well as those now present. The goal is to help clients understand, and heal from the long-standing emotional pain at the core of their drug abuse.


The Partial Hospitalization Program at The Lukens Institute is a day treatment program. All housing is located separate, and apart from our treatment facilities.

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