Non-Traditional Drug Rehab

Premier Rehab for Lasting Change

The Lukens Institute® is a premier, non-traditional drug rehab center for individuals at all stages of addiction recovery. Our clients understand that it is not enough to stop an addictive behavior, and that lasting recovery requires an emotional breakthrough that generates a fundamental shift in perspective, behavior and self-perception.

At The Lukens Institute®, we address the underlying emotional issues that give rise to self-medication and other addictive behaviors. These issues may include:

  • The legacy of childhood wounds
  • Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse or trauma
  • Unresolved grief, parental death or abandonment
  • Emotional neglect
  • Parental alcoholism
  • Parental divorce and other family-of-origin issues

These emotional roadblocks often contribute to repeating relapses, as well as problems with shame, guilt, anger, emotional numbness, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, and unrewarding relationships – all made worse by persistent alcohol and drug use, including the abuse of prescription medicines.

Too often anxiety and depression are seen as psychiatric syndromes to be medicated rather than as byproducts of unresolved emotional issues. Although helpful in many cases, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs are rarely, if ever, sufficient for overcoming addiction. Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders are grossly over-diagnosed, especially in people who abuse alcohol and other drugs. Far too many of our clients have spent years trying to address their problems with medication, without addressing the core emotional issues that lie beneath.

At The Lukens Institute®, we provide a non-traditional drug rehab facility with the kind of supportive, therapeutic environment necessary for lasting change.


The Partial Hospitalization Program at The Lukens Institute is a day treatment program. All housing is located separate and apart from our treatment facilities.

Any Photographs on The Lukens website at are not meant to mislead clients into thinking these facilities are automatic placements. 

  • Efficient one-month program for busy professionals.
  • Program tailored to all stages of recovery.
  • Rehab for individuals with a deep desire for change.
  • Detox assistance available.
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