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by Mark Rrannow on The Lukens Institute

More than saved my life, Iwas there in Jan.feb 2014 It was the best treatment you can get toss to Dr Lukens. Dr G. Dr Kelly and of corse Jen Iwould not mind going there again to talk about my treatment there Iam still sober to this day 2 and half years later Thanks All Mark


The Lukens program is designed to change my behavior and my awareness to have choices. The therapist are all master level, to me that’s a must, and all the groups were beneficial I gained something out of every group. They gave me enough freedom that it reflected my home structure as well as a business responsibility being able to use my phone at times to check in at home compared to other programs that completely black out phone usage. Lukens gave me education on dialectical behavior, as well as core case load to dig up deep inner emotions, big thanks to Larry! The sober living actives were great, life can indeed be fun without a chemical substance. Living conditions were fantastic! Medical and Psychiatric was beneficial the staff was eager to answer any questions people were helpful if you ask for it.

Amazing experience

I had an amazing experience at The Lukens Institute and they literally saved my life. I am eternally grateful for the staff and therapists that took the time to take care of me.

by Patrick H on The Lukens Institute
Road to Sobriety

Just want to say thanks to the Lukens Institute. My road to sobriety started here. The staff are caring and friendly and were there to help me with any issues I had whenever I asked. Thank you guys!

by Eddie G on The Lukens Institute
Saved my cousin's life

The Lukens Institute saved my cousins life. My cousin was a mess beforehand and couldn't even run his own business. Finally after being awakened from the monster that he was (while on drugs), he now can keep his business. He still has personal problems inside (probably a result of long term drug usage) but Dr. Lukens gave him the tools to help him work on his character defects.

by Sherrell S on The Lukens Institute
Great Place

This is such a great place. Everyone is remarkable and caring. They all will do whatever it takes to help you become sober and stay sober.

Greatest place

Greatest place to begin your journey to recovery that I’ve ever known. Dr. Lukens, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Jen, and Dr. Scott are absolutely phenomenal at what they do. I highly recommend this place to EVERYBODY suffering and battling the monster of addiction.

by Bianca V on The Lukens Institute
Positive outlook

Having a positive outlook on a negative past....ty all staff

by Monique G on The Lukens Institute
Saved my life

The Lukens Institute Saved my life! Dr Kelly was amazing.

by Anonymous on The Lukens Institute
Saved my life

This place saved my life and that's an understatement. I honestly thought nothing would work for me and was certain that any treatment I chose would be the same old BS and the same old 12 step conformed way of "treatment". I was wrong and glad to be surprised. They call it core issue completion and it's all of that. The staff is trained to deal with individual issues but to use methods that work to resolve. I don't want to reveal too much due to me not knowing what their marketing strategy is but what I do know is that I can't believe I'm the first to write this review. This Lukens method works and I stand by it. I'm not gonna tell my drug story like everybody else does on these forum sites about rehab. Most stories are the same or similar and when it comes down to it nobody cares more about yourself then you should and if u have people who care for u at all then consider yourself lucky and show yourself the way back to life

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