Detox with Our Trusted Partners

The First Step towards Recovery

If you need to detox from drugs or alcohol prior to beginning treatment, the trusted partners of The Lukens Institute® can help. Our trusted partners offer the clients medical detox services that place an emphasis on comfort and well-being.

While undergoing medical detox with the trusted partners of The Lukens Institute®, clients are given round-the-clock nursing care and support coping with the side effects of detox as they occur. Detox services are personalized to the individual and the moment, with the nurse providing a comfort for every discomfort.

After the detox process has ended, clients begin therapy at The Lukens Institute’s treatment center.

Because The Lukens Institute® offers addiction treatment services to a select number of clients at a time, space for the medical detox is extremely limited. Please contact us to see if you qualify.

  • Personalized medical detox
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Private, well-appointed suites
  • Luxurious accommodations and amenities


The Lukens Institute® admissions staff assists clients in finding the best licensed detoxification facility/program that suits their individual needs prior to being admitted into The Lukens Institute program. 

The recommended institutes are fully licensed by the STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. Additionally our staff communicates with the detox program staff on a daily basis to assure a smooth transition into treatment once detox has been concluded.

  • Efficient one-month program for busy professionals.
  • Program tailored to all stages of recovery.
  • Rehab for individuals with a deep desire for change.
  • Detox assistance available.
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