The Lukens Institute Experience


Many who have been through The Lukens Institute routinely say that its positive impact on their lives far exceeded their expectations. Here are just some of the many client testimonials The Lukens Institute has received.

“The experience is unlike anything ever in my life.”

“I’ve met a lot of people and worked through a lot of complicated problems. But none affected me as much as this wonderfully human experience.”

“Being in a large city and going to thousands of meetings I met a lot of people who struggle with this. I can’t think of anybody who’s been lucky enough to have this kind of treatment experience.”

“What’s so exciting is that they introduce this to people in recovery in such a supportive way. It’s actually a loving experience. There is no other way to describe it.”


The Partial Hospitalization Program at The Lukens Institute is a day treatment program. All housing is located separate and apart from our treatment facilities.

Any Photographs on The Lukens website at are not meant to mislead clients into thinking these facilities are automatic placements. 

  • Efficient one-month program for busy professionals.
  • Program tailored to all stages of recovery.
  • Rehab for individuals with a deep desire for change.
  • Detox assistance available.
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