Alternative Addiction Treatment

Intensive Treatment for Real Results

Alcoholism and drug addiction are not conditions unto themselves. They are a collection of impulses and behaviors motivated by underlying psychological or emotional issues.

We believe that addictive behaviors are outward expressions of something going on inside. Addictive behaviors don’t develop simply because of a genetic predisposition, incipient disease process, or personality deficiencies. The ideas of genetic, disease, and personality causation are misunderstandings that have permeated our culture’s perspective on addiction. As a result, treatments that address these conditions will invariably fall short.

Our process guides clients to uncover the hidden motivations that have caused them to “self medicate” with substances, creating emotional dependencies that have become ingrained overtime. We then help clients to resolve these motivations, unraveling the hidden causes of their addictive behavior and helping them to become whole again.


The Partial Hospitalization Program at The Lukens Institute is a day treatment program. All housing is located separate and apart from our treatment facilities.

Any Photographs on The Lukens website at are not meant to mislead clients into thinking these facilities are automatic placements. 

  • Efficient one-month program for busy professionals.
  • Program tailored to all stages of recovery.
  • Rehab for individuals with a deep desire for change.
  • Detox assistance available.
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